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The Science Behind the Auregen Gold Particle (the Active Pain Relief component in RARE 24k Products.)

 Source: T. Roberts, founder of Auregen gold, active 24k gold particle in RARE’s product line.

The world is awash in products that claim to be antioxidants. There are many antioxidants on the market because science has proven that most disease and aging is caused by oxidative stress leading to free radical attacks on healthy cells. However, there are conflicting reports on rather dietary antioxidant supplements actually work. Antioxidant supplements have a “Jekyll and Hyde” personality. For every free radical that is repaired by receiving an electron from the antioxidant, a new one is create because the antioxidant loses its electron and thus becomes a free radical itself. In several scientific studies, dietary antioxidants have actually caused more damage than they repaired.

The current buzzword in the science and medical communities is nano-particle. Nano-particles and nano-science will revolutionize the world in the near future. The darling product of this new era of innovation is gold nano-particles. It seems like science is finding new medical uses for gold nano-particles almost every day.

One area where there is no doubt that gold nano-particles and their large relative surface area is truly effective is as a super anti-oxidant. Gold atoms have a conduction band that can donate electrons to repair free radicals without becoming a free radical itself. A simple web search will reveal thousands of scientific studies that prove the antioxidant and antibiotic function of gold nano-particles. Unfortunately, gold nano-particles cost several hundred dollars per gram to manufacture. In an attempt to solve the cost issue gold nano-particles can be put into a highly diluted solution of only 10 to 20 ppm’s called colloidal gold. However, colloidal gold is proven ineffective by several scientific studies because gold in solution carries a negative charge and thus is replied by the cells in the body.

Auregen is the only product of its kind in the world. Auregen is made from pure gold and silica two of the most inert elements in creation. Auregen is a 40 micrometer amorphous silica sphere coated with a 20 nano-meter thick pure gold shell. Auregen carries a zero charge. Hence it is not attracted nor replied by the cells in the body. (Conversely, a pure gold powder with Auregen’s dimensions would be extremely expensive and have a positive charge. Gold with a positive charge is attracted to the cells in the body like a magnet limiting its effectiveness). Auregen navigates through the body donating electrons where needed without becoming a free radical itself. A 10mg dose of Auregen contains 50 quadrillion atoms, each with an electron to donate. A major medical university put Auregen though a battery of lab tests. Their astounding results prove that Auregen is non-toxic and has great cellular uptake.

The good news keeps getting better. Find this patented and proven Auregen gold particle in RARE 24k Therapy Crème.

T. Roberts, Auregen Gold, © 2016.