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‘I had to have surgery on the back of my neck and the remaining scar was dry and itchy—nothing seemed to give me any relief. I tried the 24k Therapy Créme & this lotion was a miracle!  Not only did my skin feel soft and healthy again, but it also helped to fade the scar so now it can barely even be seen.Thank you!’

–Marla Hash

‘As a hair stylist I use my hands every day. A few years ago they started to fatigue and ache before the end of the day. I was intrigued by the story of the gold in the 24k Therapy Créme and decided to try it. It’s now my go-to product. Any time my hands start to feel tired or sore, I apply this and within 20 minutes I’m back to normal!’

—Lisa Frehner

All of my life I have suffered with RA. And I’ve tried all the products out
there so I was skeptical when a friend recommended the 24k Therapy Créme. I bought and stored it, without trying it. During one of my flare ups I was desperate for anything to offer relief and decided to use this gold lotion; OMG! By the morning my hands were almost normal and the pain was so much less. I continued using the gold lotion and now have a back stock in my bathroom so I will never run out!’

—Kate Hemsworth

‘After 4 ACL reconstructive surgeries I had come to the conclusion I would always have aches in my knee. My friend shared his 24k Therapy Creme after snowshoeing one day when I was having a particularly rough day with the pain. In about an hour he asked how I was feeling and I realized the pain was gone. That’s never happened before. I’m now a believer.’
—Patrick James

‘My 13 year old son suffers from eczema all over his body. This last winter has been especially hard on his face, even to the point of bleeding. He doesn’t like the feel of oils or heavy creams or the floral scents of lotions so it can be hard to find a product to use on him, since we try to avoid steroid creams. The RARE 24k Therapy Crčme is incredible, not only did it help to offer relief and speed up his recovery, he also doesn’t mind using since there’s no fragrance and it leaves the skin soft, not greasy.’

—Heather G.



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